Committee - 2018

    Lyle Hudson - (M) 0411 120 457 Email:

    Vice President
    Penny Howell Email:

    Emma Dyer Email:

Co Ordinators - 2018

    U8s Age Coordinator
    Allan Frydman Email:

    U12s Age Coordinator
    Ann Wrightson Email:

    GU14s Age Coordinator
    Colin Walker Email:

    Mens 035/45
    Nicholas Jones Email:

    Special Needs
    Rob Fry - (M) 0419 637725 Email:

Team Managers - 2018

    U06 Barracudas Team Manager
    Richard Owens Email:

    U06 Dolphins Team Manager
    Paul Ives Email:

    U06 Eels Team Manager
    Julie Samowitz Email:

    U06 Hammerheads Team Manager
    Kathy Hua Email:

    U06 Marlins Team Manager
    Adrienne Barnes Email:

    U06 Piranhas Team Manager
    Candy-San Pritchard Email:

    U06 Sharks Team Manager
    Jessica Qin Li Email:

    U06 Stingrays Team Manager
    Tracey Dash Email:

    U06 Turtles Team Manager
    Su Jin Kim

    U07 Gladiators Team Manager
    Danielle Handley Email:

    U07 Knights Team Manager
    Claire Mitchelmore Email:

    U07 Knights Team Asst Mngr
    Lachlan Jones Email:

    U07 Ninjas Team Manager
    Joanna Leadbetter Email:

    U07 Soldiers Team Manager
    Elisha Hamilton Smith Email:

    U07 Vikings Team Manager
    Chris King Email:

    GU8 Falcons Team Manager
    Jo Creswick

    GU8 Hawks Team Manager
    Katrina Sandham

    U08 Cockatoos Team Manager
    Les Lee Email:

    U08 Eagles Team Manager
    Matthew Jeffrey

    U08 Falcons Team Manager
    Rebecca lee Email:

    U08 Kookaburras Team Manager
    Kylie Middleton

    U08 Magpies Team Manager
    Kim Curtain Email:

    U08 Ravens Team Manager
    Angus Barron

    U08 Seagulls Team Manager
    David Sheils

    U09 Cougars Team Manager
    Martina Paish Email:

    U09 Jaguars Team Manager
    Idana Katz Email:

    U09 Leopards Team Asst Mngr
    Rachel Robertson

    U09 Lions Team Manager
    Charity Downing Email:

    U09 Lynx Team Manager
    Samson Lee

    U09 Pumas Team Manager
    Brett Acton - (M) 0401 890 344 Email:

    U10 Commandos Team Manager
    Gregory Murray

    U10 Green Beret Team Manager
    jamie cryan

    U10 Marines Team Manager
    Ian Hadwen Email:

    U10 Rangers Team Manager
    Fiona Bywaters Email:

    U10 Rangers Team Asst Mngr
    Nian Miller

    U10 Rovers Team Manager
    Leanne Matheson Email:

    U11 Bandits Team Manager
    Terri Cohen Email:

    U11 Gangsters Team Manager
    Jodie Novakovic Email:

    U11 Mobsters Team Manager
    Nicola Nolan Email:

    U11 Outlaws Team Manager
    Heather Glazebrook Email:

    U11 Raiders Team Manager
    Sharlene Hensler Email:

    U11 Renegades Team Manager
    Colin Walker Email:

    U11 Rogues Team Manager
    Rachael Smith Email:

    U12A Team Manager
    Ann Wrightson Email:

    U12B Team Manager
    Gabrielle Allen Email:

    U12C Team Manager
    Wesley Salmon Email:

    U13A Team Manager
    Craig Johnson Email:

    U13B Team Manager
    Grahame Scriven Email:

    G14A Team Manager
    Hannah Wakeling Email:

    U14A Team Manager
    Robert James Email:

    G16A Team Manager
    Colin Walker Email:

    U16A Team Manager
    alan Dashwood Email:

    U16A Team Asst Mngr
    Mark Simister Email:

    U16B Team Asst Mngr
    Tracey Wallbridge Email:

    G18A Team Manager
    Cheryl McNamara Email:

    U18A Team Manager
    Adam Gordon Email:

    U18B Team Manager
    Dominic Johnstone Email:

    U18B Team Asst Mngr
    Rupert Johnstone Email:

    U18C Team Manager
    Kimberley Simister Email:

    U18X Team Manager
    Shawn Rogut Email:

    XSN Team Manager
    Rob Fry - (M) 0419 637 725 Email:

    MAA3 Team Manager
    Rohken Onishi Email:

    MAA3 Team Asst Mngr
    Ross Anastasi Email:

    MAA6A Team Manager
    Luke Jarman Email:

    WAAA Team Manager
    Melanie. Howell Email:

    M353 Team Manager
    Todd Stockley - (M) 0418 442 865 Email:

    M353 Team Asst Mngr
    Gavin Bergheim Email:

    M451 Team Manager
    Nicholas Jones Email:

    M45D3 Team Asst Mngr
    Martin Seage - (M) 0412 336 556 Email:

    O30 6 A Side Team Manager
    Anne Erich Email:

Team Coaches - 2018

    U06 Dolphins Team Coach
    Davina Kruger

    U06 Dolphins Team Asst Coach
    Andries Kruger

    U06 Eels Team Coach
    Noam Erny

    U06 Hammerheads Team Coach
    Vyas Balasubramanian Email:

    U06 Marlins Team Coach
    Geoff Faber

    U06 Piranhas Team Coach
    Frank CHEN

    U06 Piranhas Team Asst Coach
    John Aspinall Email:

    U06 Sharks Team Coach
    Andrew Surjadi

    U06 Stingrays Team Coach
    Phillip West

    U06 Stingrays Team Asst Coach
    Stephen Balbi

    U06 Turtles Team Coach
    Henry Simister

    U07 Gladiators Team Coach
    Bernardus Huisman

    U07 Knights Team Coach
    Andrew Weatherall

    U07 Soldiers Team Coach
    Goran Ruud Rodsjo

    U07 Vikings Team Coach
    Chris King Email:

    U07 Vikings Team Asst Coach
    Jeanne Hattingh

    GU8 Falcons Team Coach
    Lisa Dupen

    U08 Cockatoos Team Coach
    Adam Cox

    U08 Kookaburras Team Coach
    Scott Middleton

    U08 Magpies Team Coach
    Mark Miller Email:

    U08 Ravens Team Coach
    Dean Stocker

    U08 Seagulls Team Coach
    Elma McErlane

    U09 Cougars Team Coach
    Chris Smith

    U09 Jaguars Team Coach
    Andrew Darbin Email:

    U09 Leopards Team Coach
    Luke Dashwood

    U09 Lions Team Coach
    Michael Reynolds Email:

    U09 Lions Team Asst Coach
    Glen Conners Email:

    U09 Lynx Team Coach
    Nicholas Blue

    U09 Pumas Team Coach
    Kevin Sandler

    U10 Marines Team Coach
    Genevieve Hadwen

    U10 Rangers Team Coach
    Tim Miller

    U10 Rovers Team Coach
    Nathan Rogut

    U11 Bandits Team Coach
    Brian Kelly Email:

    U11 Gangsters Team Coach
    Jodie Novakovic Email:

    U11 Mobsters Team Coach
    Greg Gaupset

    U11 Outlaws Team Coach
    Raymond Devereaux

    U11 Raiders Team Coach
    Alan Gibbons Email:

    U11 Rogues Team Coach
    Ashley Henry Email:

    U12A Team Coach
    Luiz Pilotti Siqueira

    U12B Team Coach

    U12C Team Coach
    Timothy Mclean Smith

    U13A Team Coach
    Neil Milner Email:

    U13B Team Coach
    Jaco Pretorius

    G14A Team Coach
    Nathan Rogut

    U14A Team Coach
    Akos Tth

    G16A Team Coach
    Timothy Stevens

    U16A Team Coach
    Timothy Stevens

    U16B Team Coach
    Clifford Garside

    U16B Team Asst Coach
    Douglas Parsons Email:

    G18A Team Coach
    Alan Gibbons Email:

    U18B Team Coach
    Rupert Johnstone Email:

    U18C Team Coach
    Mark Simister Email:

    MAA3 Team Coach
    Ross Anastasi Email:

    WAAA Team Coach
    Joshua Lazarus Email:


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