Gala Day 2018

Gala Day Information (links to all the rules, Pool manager and Team Manager information)

Under 6- 7 

 Current Miniroo laws - see below

    6-7 Draw
Under 8-9  Current Miniroo laws - see below      8-9 Draw
Under 10-11

 Current Miniroo laws - see below 



10-11 Draw 

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NSFA Gala Day Weekend
Junior Mixed and MiniRoos Gala Day 25th August 2018
Girls Junior Mixed and Girls MiniRoos Gala Day 26th August
All, Under 6 & 7
Gala Day this year will be conducted in pools containing either 3 or 4 squads; each squad will have two even teams.
Under 6 and under 7 Gala day is completely non-competitive, meaning no points or scores will officially be recorded.
All players will receive participation pennants for their efforts on the day. There will be no Gala day Winners.
Matches will take place at MiniRoos centres. 
The rules of Gala Day are as follows:
1. Each squad divides into 2 teams as per usual. Players must stay in the same team for the duration of a match and cannot move between the two squads until after a match has ended.
2. Games between squads will be conducted on adjoining fields at the same time. FOR EXAMPLE: If Lane Cove Cockatoos are playing Gordon Wallabies at Blackman Field 1 at 8:00 then Lane Cove Cockatoos team A will play Gordon Wallabies team A on field 1A and team B will play team B on field 1B.
3. No points will be awarded for wins, draws, losses or corners.
4. In 4-team pools, games consist of (2) 7.5 minute periods, no half time break. Games will be listed in pairs and there is no gap between games. Each squad will have 3 games. Total duration of 4-team pool is 90 minutes. In 3-team pools, games consist of (2) 10 minute periods. Each squad will play 2 games. There will be a 10-minute gap between games. Total duration of 3-team pool is 80 minutes. Pools will commence at 8:30 or 10:30.
5. There will be no siren. Team managers need to adhere to the schedule and keep games flowing.
6. All other rules are as per usual MiniRoos games.
7. All teams should report to the Ground Controller when their final game is finished to  receive their participation pennants.

Junior Mixed and Girls Under 8 to Under 11.

Gala Day for Under 8’s to Under 11’s is non-competition, no points or scores will officially be recorded. 
1) Pools will consist of either 3 or 4 teams. Games will played at the usual MiniRoos venues.
2) In 4-team pools, games consist of (2) 10 minute periods, no half time break. Each team will have three games. Total duration of 4-team pool is 2 ½ hours. In 3-team pools, games consist of (2) 15 minute periods. Each team will play two games. There will be a 15-minute gap between games. Total duration of 3-team pool is 2 hours.

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