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Centre of Development Excellence (CoDE) Parents Enrolment Terms and Conditions

St Ives Football Club is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers for the benefit of the community. The ability to offer a Development Progam for the U8 to U11 age groups depends entirely on the level of assistance we receive from the club community. Positions in the CoDE program are offered subject to parents and players agreeing to the following terms and conditions.
It should be recognised that the participation costs for the program are significantly subsidised by the club and are  lower (at least half) that found in external, professional academy programs.

Child Drop Off and Pick Up
Participants are not to be dropped off early for training. Coaches need the time before the training sessions and matches to prepare and are not responsible for your child until training begins.
Coaches will ensure the sessions finish on time. Please be prompt when collecting your child from matches and training. The club, its coaches and team managers are all volunteers and not responsible for the children outside of the game / training times. If you are running late then please contact another parent to look after your child until you arrive.

Player Participation and Attendance
When you accept a position in the CoDE program you are acknowledging your child is committed to attending all training sessions and matches. With the exception of illness or extenuating circumstances your child must attend each session and arrive promptly.
Attendance records will be taken at each session and reviewed by the SIFC Committee regularly. The Committee has the right to remove any child from the program if we deem that there are excessive absences. Please show common courtesy by informing your Age Coordinator if your child is unavailable for training sessions or games – as early as feasibly possible.
If you envisage that your child’s absences will be regular due to other commitments this must be disclosed in advance to the Committee so a decision can be made in regards to your child’s inclusion in the program. 

Parental Participation
Football is a team sport and running a club is a joint effort. All parents and carers are required to help their child’s Team Manager and the Club in some way throughout the season. You may be called on to assist your child’s team in any of the following areas: canteen duty, line marking, refereeing, erection and pack up of nets, sweeping of change rooms and surrounds, oranges, BBQ duties etc..
Team Managers may issue a roster for some duties throughout the season. If you are unable to provide the services that you have been rostered for on a particular game day, it then becomes your responsibility to find another parent to fill in.
Assist your child, your child’s team, and the club, throughout the year by volunteering to assist with, and participate in, other activities such as social events and fund raising activities.
Please acknowledge that these activities help provide vital resources for the club that in turn enables your child to participate. All parents are busy and the load must be shared by all who benefit.

Parents - Support your child’s team in a positive manner at all times by abiding by the Club Code of Conduct for parents and spectators.
Players – Abide by the CoDE players Code of Conduct at all times.
All parents and carers must acknowledge that skill is not the only factor that is important in the CoDE program. Your child’s attitude, commitment and level of attendance is of equal importance to us and will help determine your child’s eligibility to participate and remain in the program.

Parents and carers are not permitted to approach coaches (either parent volunteer or professional coaches) during organised training sessions. This is in the interest and fairness of all participants. If you have specific questions to raise with the Team Coach regarding your child’s performance or progress this should be done at a more appropriate time. You can contact your Team Coach by phone or email to arrange a time for discussion. Please note, the professional coaches are limited to discussing your own child’s progress. Issues relating to team performance, structure, strategies, complaints are not to be directed to the professional coaches . If you have a concern or question in this area it should be directed to your team Manager or Age Coordinator.
If you have issues with the CoDE program you are requested to raise the concern with your Team Manager first. If you are not comfortable with that or you feel the matter needs to the escalated you can raise your concern with either the Age Coordinator, the CoDE Coordinator or any member of the SIFC Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary or Registrar). Contact details are available on the website.

If there is anything of concern to you regarding the program or your child’s progression this can be raised with the SIFC Executive Committee. Please note that the committee are all volunteers who hold down full time jobs and family commitments.
The committee will endeavour to review and action feedback in a timely manner. However please note that you have a responsibility for early raising of issues as retrospective action cannot be taken if issues are raised mid to late in the season.

Payment Conditions
Full payment of your CoDE registration fees must be made by 15th March 2019. If you have not paid by this date your child’s offer of participation will be withdrawn and we will offer the position to the next child on the waiting list.
SIFC is under no obligation to refund your CoDE registration fees if you choose to withdraw your child during the season unless the club has been negligent or breached our duty of care to your child.


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