Fundraising Initiatives

 St Ives FC has two main purposes for fundraising. We have opened up a  deductable account with the Australian Sports Foundation for Field and Facilities Improvements and will fundraise though events and activities for Health and Safety Initiatives.

1. Field and Facilities Improvement

  Warrimoo Oval - Our aim is raise $400,00.00 to contribute towards a synthetic playing surface at Warrimoo Oval. Council has Warrimoo oval earmarked for a turf  upgrade in 2018 which will be partially funded by Council. If SIFC can raise the extra funds we will be able to secure a synthetic surface instead of the planned turf upgrade.  A synthetic surface allows for all weather play, extended playing and training hours. It will remove the current limit we have for number of players allowed to train on the field. Rabbit holes and dog poo will become a thing of the past, thus increasing player safety.  The faster we save the funds the quicker we can apply the surface.  Council can consider fastracking the project if we reach our target sooner.....  we are half way there!

Other projects on our wish list for Warrimoo Oval include installation of two extra lights to enable night games  and  the replacement of the safety fence on the Southern End  -  we have just successfully aplied for a State Government Grant  to partially fund this project so we are a step closer to achieving this.

Toolang Oval - Our aim is to contribute to a toilet upgrade that will enable autolocking doors to be installed.  The toilets will lock automatically at night and re-open in the morning, thus minimising the risk of vandalism. We have approximately 200 players who train there each week , as well as  over 300 players playing each Saturday morning and afternoon. We also use Toolang oval for off season training programs so we see this as a good investment in our players health!

We would also like to look at options to help improve the playing surface of Toolang Oval.

2. Health and Safety Initiatives

Defibrillators St Ives FC has been successful in raising over $20,000.00 so far to enable us to purchase 8 Defibrillator Units which will be used by our Adult teams. Our ultimate goal is to purchase 3 more units to ensure all home grounds are covered.  We would also like to assist NSFA with coordinating fundraising for Defibs for smaller clubs that do not have the means to fundraise themselves.  We see 100% coverage of all fields as being a viable and important  goal within the next 3 years.

Player safety  St Ives FC wants to ensure that each team is equipped to handle all emergencies in the best way possible.  This includes  
  - providing each team with an up to date First Aid kit that is regularly checked and restocked
  - Providing all members with access to First Aid, CPR and Defibrillator Courses
 -  Working with Council to ensure all fields have adequate access for ambulances in case of an emergency. 
 -  Setting aside funds   to employ a grounds manager who is first aid trained to assist players who are injured.
 - Potentially setting up a fund to assist injured players with meals, housework etc as needed.

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