Grading Dates

St Ives Football Club – Grading Schedule  

Below is a summary of session times and location. 

We need to grade all players from U8 upwards. CoDE and super League trials have already been held (some positions left) 
U6s – Team Grading  Sunday 1st March   2.30 pm – 4:00pm  
U7s –  Team Grading Sunday 1st March 4.30pm  – 6.00pm  

U8s -  Sunday 16th February - from 1:15 pm (Not Already Selected players)
U9s  - Sunday 16th February - from 2:30 pm (Not Already Selected players)
U10s - Sunday 16th February - from 3:45 pm (Not Already Selected players)
U11s – Sunday 16th February - from 5:00 pm (Not Already Selected players)
U12s - Sunday 16th February - from 1:30pm - 2:30pm (Not Already Selected players)
U13s - Sunday 16th February -  From 2:45 (Not Already Selected players)
U14s – Sunday 16th February - from 6:00pm - 7:15pm
U15s – Sunday 16th February - TBA
U16s – Sunday 16th February - TBA
U18s – Sunday 16th February - TBA
Girls G8s - Sunday 16th February - 4pm
Girls G9s - Sunday 16th February - 4pm
Girls G10s - Sunday 16th February -4pm
G12s  - Sunday 16th February - TBA 
G14s - Sunday 16th February -  TBA 
G16s  - Sunday 16th February -  TBA 
G18s  - Sunday 16th February -  TBA
WAA - Sunday 1st March - 5pm
MAA – TBA  enquiries -

NO Football Boots are allowed to be worn during the grading sessions. All players must wear runners/joggers. This is a Council requirement
We will keep everyone up to date of any changes and will update the website as needed.

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