Grading Dates

St Ives Football Club – Grading Schedule  

No Football Boots are allowed to be worn during the grading sessions. All players must wear runners/joggers. This is a Council requirement

Below you will find our proposed grading schedule for 2019. It is current as at January 2019.  We will keep everyone up to date of any changes and will update the website as needed.

Our secondsession for most age groups will be on 18th February. Below is a summary of session times and location. Times for the 18th will be posted on Sunday evening once we have finished with day 1 as we may have to change times on the the second weekend due to weather and the number of registrations we are receiving. Some age groups will have 3 sessions so we clearly see all players. (Under 12 and 13)

U6s – Team Grading  Sunday March 3th   2.30 pm – 4:00pm   Warrimoo Oval
U7s –  Team Grading Sunday March 3th   4.30pm  – 6.00pm  Warrimoo Oval
U8s -  No more Grading - 
U9s  - No more Grading
U10s - No more Grading
U11s – No more Grading
U12s - No more Grading
U13s - No more Grading
U14s – No more Grading
U15s – No more Grading
U16s – No more Grading
U18s – No more Grading 3 teams
Girls G8s - No More Grading
G12s  - No More Grading
G14s - No more Grading
G16s and G18s  - No more Grading

MAA – TBA  enquiries -
M35 and M45 – Gala Day TBA 
Womens Grading - TBA

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