Manager's Duties
Thank you for volunteering to be the Manager for your team. Our club relies entirely on people like yourself who are willing to help out.
You don’t have to be experienced to be a Manager! If you are enthusiastic, responsible and a good organizer the Club will assist and guide you, to be a successful Manager.

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* Check the SIFC website: frequently for news and updates (e.g. grading dates and trial game dates)
* Distribute team list to all team members. Team lists will be available on the SIFC website once the teams are finalized after trial matches ('Game Day'- 'Managers Login'). Your age co-ordinator will advise you via email that players have been entered into the system and will then give you a log-in password.
* Organize a ground for training and a coach for your team if you don’t already have one and your team is NOT doing CoDE. You can request a coach via an email to once teams have been finalised.
*Attend the Managers & Coaches Meeting to find out all you need to know for the upcoming season and pick up the team bag. Please note the meeting planned for 2020 has been cancelled, the information is now available online.

Specific Miniroos Manager Duties Information

During the season:
*Check the SIFC website or facebook :news and updates.

* Ensure team member’s check for cancelled (wet weather) training sessions and matches if the grounds are closed.
Note: Training sessions/matches will only be cancelled officially when the Council/NSFA/SIFC closes the ovals! Don’t assume a training session/match is not on, just because it is raining!
If NSFA closes grounds, training must not be held. If ignored, the club will be fined!

Before each match:
*Ensure you have an adequate number of players. Contact the other Lindfield teams’ managers to borrow players if you are short on the day.
Note: The players must wear the correct uniform. If ignored, the club will be fined!
*For competition age groups please read matchcard procedure before the season
*Ensure your whole team arrives at the correct playing field. Inform your team as soon as possible, if there is a change of venue!
*For younger age groups (U6-U10), appoint a parent of your team to be the referee for half of the match.
* Liaise with the opposition’s Manager to determine who will referee the first half (if no official referee is appointed

Forfeits and What to do:
Background: There should not be many occasions when a team needs to forfeit a game. Age Coordinators and other managers in your age group should be able to assist in lending players and team members should always be encouraged to make every effort to play. The information below is about what to do ONLY after you have exhausted all avenues to make up a team. Bottom line is: How would you feel if your opposing team forfeited against your team. However in some rare occasions there is no option, here what to do.

1. Always remind players in your team to notify you if they are going to be unavailable. Check with them (and parents) each week that they will be there next week.
2. If you know you are going to have numbers problems, don't leave it until the last minute - Forfeits MUST be notified by the Thursday before the game at the latest
3. If you have exhausted all options notify the Secretary by email at (include your team name, the team they were supposed to play, the date and the ground). Do this by midday of the Thursday before the game.

After the match:
*Please refer to "Matchcard Procedure" ('Game Day'  'Matchcard Procedure')
At the end of the season:
*Return the Kit Bag including game shirts back to the Equipment Co-ordinator.

 At all times:
+Communicate information from Age Co-ordinator to your team.
+ Resolve team problems – refer unresolved problems to your Age Co-ordinator.

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