Refund Policy

All players must pay in full to be considered for a team.  We do not approve of players waiting to see which team they are in prior to payment.
Unpaid players create a lot of unnecessary extra work for the Committee and players pulling out at the last minute can often affect the viability of a team.

A full refund is available prior to team announcements and up to 3 days after team announcements.   There is an exception for players who accept a spot in the U8s - U11s Development Program .  In this instance the 3 days grace period starts from accepting an offer into the program - NOT when teams are announced.

We do make exceptions for U6s players who are new to the game.

After we announce the team a 50% refund will apply reducing further over tim

Players wishing to receive a full refund after this time must put their request in writing for consideration by the committee.
Refunds during the season due to injury are subject to committee approval.


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