Brazilian Art Football CoDE u8-u11

Football Development at its finest!
At St Ives FC we aim to bring the best possible playing and development options to our players. Eight years ago we started a St Ives FC Centre of Development Excellence (CoDE) focusing on the U8 to U11 age groups. Why these age groups you may ask?  Well, it is recognised within the football coaching community (both professional and amateur) that the formative times for boys and girls football skills enhancement is in these age groups. We will continue with these groups as our key focus for development.

During their time in the U6 & U7 age groups players will have gained experience and enjoyment of the game, and their next steps are towards improving excellence and commitment to their chosen sport. Focused, professional training provides a strong stepping stone into their youth and onwards. Increased skills and ability can greatly assist in a child's enjoyment of the game and their self-esteem.

We are bringing that philosophy to St Ives FC with the help of Technicial Caoch.

Brazilian Art Football (BAF) and CoDE Technicial Coach

The head coach of CoDE, Joao Ferraro (Johny), was born and raised in Brazil and has over 33 years of experience as a player coach and referee.  Johny holds an FFA "C" Licence and invited to the Euro Class "B" course  and with passion and flair with the  FFA Curriculum so we have the best of both worlds.

Joao's team of coaches, share the same passion and ideals for SIFC, and the coaching team have all completed skills acquisition training courses here in Australia .


 Grading for all players in U8s - U11s is carried out by St Ives FC representatives in conjunction with the  BAFCoDE technicial coach.
The grading will be over two consecutive Sundays and players are required to attend both days for approximately 90 minutes to ensure the assessment is thorough. Grading will consist of a combination of skills assessment , game play assessment as well as attitude .  More detailed scheduling will be communicated nearer the time when player numbers are known.

U8 to U11 Top grade program

From the grading exercise, the players will be ranked with the top 20 players in U8 & U9 age group and 24 players in the U10 & U11 age groups being selected to make up the two teams and they will enter the BAF & CoDE program. players will be divided into 2 equal skilled teams.
The program is dependent on numbers so if we do not gain sufficient interest to form two teams in some age groups or do not have enough players meeting the grading assessment criteria, we may offer the program to more teams in another age group.
 Ideally, all the top graded players will accept a position in the CoDE program but we understand that some players may decline the offer due to cost, time commitment or other reasons.  Players who are not able to accept a position in the program, for whatever reason , will be offered a position in the next highest team and the vacant position will be offered to the next highest player on the list.  Skill is the first aspect we measure, but availability, attitude and willingness to develop are also important components for the CoDE program.  Tailoring the program to suit each individuals needs is not a possibility.
Once the CoDE squads are determined, the remaining teams will also be created on a capability basis, however some social aspects may be entertained at the discretion of the Club Committee.

The CoDE program has two coaching sessions per week and up to two game day attendances by the coaches per team. The coaching sessions will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoon at an oval in St Ives .

Each team will have their own parent Coach for game day play.  A Brazilian Art Football coach will visit up to 2 of your teams' matches through the season to provide pre and post match advice, support and feedback. Dates for these will be based on the draw and logistics, however a guiding principle is that we will try and ensure that all teams are visited at least once in the first half of the season and then again in the second half. Parent coaches are encourage to attend training sessions with the CoDE coaches subject to availability.

U6s and U7s
In 2018 , if we get sufficient interest we will be offering skills Training for the U6s and U7s.  Training will be on Tuesdays from 4pm but our aim is to do this as soon as possible.

Dates for U8s - U11s

44 sessions (2 sessions per week, Monday and Wednesday), starting mid March until mid August with 2 breaks over school holidays.

U8 - U9                4.00pm -  5:30pm
U10 - U11              5:30pm - 7:00pm


St Ives or Warrimoo Oval St Ives

Whats Included U8s - U11s
•Two coaching sessions per week though the winter season (not including school holidays)
•A CoDE shirt per player
•A training ball per player
•The Coach will attend up to 2 match day games per team


St Ives FC sponsor this program to bring a reasonable price to all players. This leads to a charge for the CoDE program of   $645.00 per player . This is a additional  charge to the normal club registration fees.  This is the equivalent to approximately $14.77 per 90 minute  session ( $9.85 per hour)  which represents a very competitive price for a professional coaching program of this nature.

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