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Damian 15 years and and Allan and Christian 10 years

SIFC Round 8 highlights

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Round 8 – Focus on our senior players and celebrate the success of our club and player service. We have accurate records back to 1999 so from those records the following at our longest servicing players. Note you don’t have to be old to be on the list as highlighted by our all age women players all under 25 years old most being playing since they where 6 and 7 years old. So in the gallery is an early photo of one of those girls I found in my library.

Although the results didn’t go our way over the weekend there where still plenty enjoying that they are on a soccer field playing. Many of our 10 and 15 year players 
Years     Players name
21           Andrew Mackie
20           John Bulman, Iain Grant, David Hotchkies, Philip Kennedy
19           Dennis Krause
18           Hyunmin Park, Kimito Saikawa
17           Ebony Hudson, Claire Sidaway
16           Albert Lam, Thomas White
15           Damian Erich, COOPER VINCI, Max Vinci
14           Gavin Dooley, Asher Katz, Ian Moloney, Jesse Snelling
13           Gabrielle Buckingham, Mason Buckingham, Neil Hogg, Kathryn Howell, Jonathan Kennedy, Gavin Parry,
                Ari Shapiro, Patrick Smith, Angela Wong, Crystal Wong
12           Georgia Bender, Matthew Bywaters, Paul Caporusso, Ran Goodwin, Claudio Luca, David Sherrington,
                Darcie Stitt, Nicholas Strohkorb
11           Robin Barrow, Jessica Biggs, Dale Catzel, Ryan Frykberg, John Gonzalez, Nigel Lazarus, Ella Mackintosh,                                  Brendon Morcom, Stephen Polczynski, Imogen Sammes, Elise Scheinecker, Martin Seage, Manuel Serrano,
                Frederick Stevens, Michael Towse, Mark Waugh
10           Allan Bank, Gavin Bergheim, Max Dawson, Hayden Kee, Jeong Ho (John) Lim, Oscar Naglitsch-King,
              David Sammes, Christian Schieber, Dean Stocker, Stephen Wrightson

Congratulations to all those mentioned above and may you be playing for many more years…