U8-U11 SAP League Game day payment



To be able to accurately cost out the season and make sure we are not over charging for the services the club provides this si the payment for weekend coaches, game leaders and the extra ground hire

All training for the SIFC SAP/CoDE program will be delivered by Joao and the Brazilian Art Football team.

The selection of our an “A” team. The “A” team moving into the NSFA SAP/Super League program where they will have a Development coach from SIFC at all games and a game leader will be appointed by the NSFA to all games. Parents will have the draw for the whole season within a fortnight of the season commencing in mid to late April 2021. Players not selected for the A team will form our Aspirational Team and will be playing against other high graded / aspirational teams within the NSFA competitions. This team will need a parent game day coach.

If you would like to understand more or are in anyway confused by this note please email ua.mo1632598124c.lla1632598124btoof1632598124sevit1632598124s@tne1632598124diser1632598124p1632598124 or phone 0411 120 457

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