Fees Waived & Installment Request Policy

Any request for fees to be waived for a player are totally at the discretion of the Committee. All request for waived fees must be placed in writing to   with supporting evidence for such a  request at the time of registration. 

Players wishing to pay in installments must apply to  via email at the time of registration.  The Payment plan will be based as follows –

50% payment to be made before 25th February
50% balance to be paid by 25th April  ( either weekly or monthly)

Payment plans must be strictly adhered to and it is the responsiblity of the players or parents  to make sure payments are paid on time without reminder. Failure to adhere may result in de-registration without refund ofany  payments that have  already been  made.

Players with a previous poor payment history will not be given the opportunity to pay in installments.