Forfeits and What to do:
Background: There should not be many occasions when a team needs to forfeit a game. Age Coordinators and other managers in your age group should be able to assist in lending players and team members should always be encouraged to make every effort to play. The information below is about what to do ONLY after you have exhausted all avenues to make up a team. Bottom line is: How would you feel if your opposing team forfeited against your team. However in some rare occasions there is no option, here what to do.

1. Always remind players in your team to notify you if they are going to be unavailable. Check with them (and parents) each week that they will be there next week.
2. If you know you are going to have numbers problems, don’t leave it until the last minute – Forfeits MUST be notified by the Thursday before the game at the latest.
3. Please complete the NSFA forfeit form that can be found at downloading form CF11A
4 please copy the Secretary by email at i attaching the form and also having sent to the email address on the NSFA form. Do this by midday of the Thursday before the game.