Part Season Player Policy

The club costs, insurance, and team costs are the same for part season players as they are for full-time players. The administrative time spent monitoring and assessing part-time players and their viability is high. Offering reduced fees costs the club money in most cases and is therefore not our priority.

Registration fees are calculated on the season and the onus should not be on the club to match player fees to the number of games played.

Players wishing to be considered for part season fees must submit their request in writing to the secretary and the club registrar at the Beginning of the season for review. 

When making a decision the Committee will need to consider team numbers, the number of part-time requests from each team, and age group. Team Managers/Age Coordinators will also be required to confirm they support the request.
Players who are approved to pay part-time or “half-season” fees will have a game limit placed on them for the season.  Once they have played the nominated number of games they will be considered full-time players and will be required to pay the balance owing on full-time registration fees.  Players will be considered ineligible if further payment is not made.