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A big thank you to everyone that has placed an order – Over 294 orders have been placed – we need lots of photos on the weekend to drive home the message #stivesfootball, #playinpurple

Covid Update

Since Monday Northern Suburbs Football Assoc (NSFA) have been in contact with Football NSW who have been liaising with other State Sporting Organisations and NSW Health regarding further recommendations released by the Chief Health Officer on Monday. NSW Health and the NSW Government have made it clear to organisations their desire for community sport to continue due to its vital role in society.

NSFA and grassroots football Associations have been granted permission to continue community football, spanning across Local Goverenment Area’s. Commonsense and social distancing needs to be enforced when reading the following. We would like to reiterate the following:

  • Maximum ONE spectator per participating player. Only parents and carers permitted. If non-essential, please stay home! 
  • All spectators must social distance 1.5m – This is roughly the length of your umbrella, please use it!
  • No sharing drink bottles or food (e.g. Half time oranges)
  • No change rooms can be used.
  • Portable pitch-side BBQs are not permitted. (Toolang BBQ still permitted)
  • NSFA encourage the use of face masks for spectators
  • Spectators are required to position themselves on the opposite side of the field to the technical area (Manager, Coach, Players), or stand behind a fence where possible.

Summer Events

September Holiday football Clinic
28th – 30th September 9am to 3pm

Primary Soccer (Spring Soccer)
Games – Oct 12th – March 5th

Spring Training (BAF)
U9-U10: Mondays 4:00-5:30
U6-U7: Wednesdays 4:00-5:00
U8: Wednesdays 4:00-5:30
U11-U12: Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30-7:00

Season End Dates

Season 2020 ends the weekend of the 4th and 5th October for all age groups and teams. Some teams will finish earlier due to finals matches being played.

Managers are asked to collect all non-named playing shirts at the last game. Kit return date will be on Wednesday  7th October 6pm to 9pm at Warrimoo clubhouse

As we are not allowed large gathering or presentation events and there is no Gala day this year, Trophies will be made available to managers of all players in U6 to U16 teams for presentation on the last game.

Coach Education

The club is interested to building on this year with coaching experience. During the off-season there will be more opportunities to grow and learn ready for next season

  • MiniRoos Course + Game Rules
  • SAP Workshop
  • 11 aside Workshop

Join us and learn how to manage your players and provide them with a better football experience – click here to register!

Sponsors Needed

A well run sporting club does not come cheaply. Membership fees cover the basic cost of football but there are so many extra costs involved and these can make or break a club. With the cost of football rising many families find the cost of participation is stretching the family budget.

With many parents and players working long hours we are no longer able to rely on volunteers covering all duties and the need to pay for some duties to be completed is increasing.

 We want to offer our members a safe and enjoyable football experience at an affordable cost and this is where our sponsors support comes into play. As a club, field improvement, player health and safety, equipment, player development , coach and manager support are all areas we see as valuable and vital to the success of our club.  Our sponsors are essentially the lifeblood of the club as their support enables us to provide and enhance on the valuable services listed above.


Regrading for Miniroos teams (except SAP) has just occurred with the aim to make sure the games are closer. There will be one more regarding done after 3 more rounds. It is important that everyone is enjoying the game no matter what the result. School holidays are coming around again shortly.

 It is important that managers are made aware on players that are going away 

Season 2021
Development trials will occur in November 2020 for Under 7 to Under 11 players. We will select most players for 2021 in November this year. 

That means that once we have selected our Development players,  we are looking at how we group players in all other miniroos teams more towards friendship groups or like skilled players based on player numbers.
Yes Under 7 has a development team and if you are interested in being involved. So if you played in the Under 6’s this year and feel you are a little superstar then….

SAP Trial - To reduce games with un-even results.

We are trying to be more progressive as an association to make sure games are even. This is a new change that will be trialed in SAP only in the coming weeks. – Any thoughts or feedback – happy to take email

Proposed Power Play Rule (to apply to all SAPL age groups U8/U9/U10/U11):
At any time during the match, whenever there is a goal difference of 5 or more goals, the coach of the team losing by 5 or more goals can choose to add one extra player onto the field. If the goal difference drops below 5 then the extra player must be removed from the field.

The Power Play is a concept used by the English FA in the younger age groups for developmental purposes.

In short if one team is dominating another by a certain number of goals, the team being dominated can add an extra player onto the field ie 7v7 becomes 8v7.
This is only a trial for U8-U11 SAP teams – just trying to keep you informed

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Looking for school Holday entertainment U5-U12 School Holiday Clinic