Training Times


Ku-ring-gai council has a policy that limits the number of hours we can use each field and the times that certain age groups are allowed to train.  We are also restricted in the number of players we can train on a field at any one time.  SIFC must work within the guidelines set out by KMC when allocating training times for teams. 

A summary of KMCs policy follows – 

* We are limited to 30 hours usage of our home ground  – Warrimoo Oval and this includes the hours used for games on the weekend. Warrimoo oval can therefore be used for 13 hours training during the week.  
* in 2021 we have been allocated time on St Ives Showground on Wednesdays for training. This will mean we are responsible for dressing this oval for games. 
* We have limited number of players allowed on fields at any time.
* We are not permitted to train in the goal mouth at any times.

Based on the above requirements we have adopted the following guidelines for allocating fields to teams.  
If team numbers change we may need to change our allocations .  If fields are damaged or become unavailable we may need to alter our policy. 

U6s – U11s – Non Development teams  
Teams will be allocated 45 minute (U6 and U7) and 1 hour (8-U11) time slots on Wednesday at St Ives Showground.
Times will be restricted to 4.00 – 7.00pm. 
All grounds will be supervised by a qualified Mentor Coaches from either XLR8 or SIFC who are there to assist team coaches and team parents.  

 Under 7s – Under 11s  – Development teams 
Will be allocated two training sessions per week at Warrimoo Oval
U7 – Tuesday and Thursday 4:00pm – 5:30pm
U8 and U9 – Monday and Wednesday 4:00pm – 5:30pm
U10 and U1 – Monday and Wednesday 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Under 12s – Under 18s  
Super League teams are allocated 1 1/2 hours per team on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the St Ives Showgrounds
Will be allocated 1 1/4 hour session at the St Ives showground with lights on Wednesday only during the times made available to us. 
 If extra hours are available our priority is to give them to division one teams.  

Adult Teams  Wednesday only
Training at the Showground 7:30pm till 9pm -Extra time will be made available subject to availability 

General Information 

Where possible,  some age groups may be able to submit at least two preferences for consideration. 
Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate preferences but due  to the number of teams we have to fit onto limited fields there will be no guarantee that  preferences can be granted. 
In some ages, designated fields and times will be assigned.

The Football season does not start until April.  We have limited access to training fields  in February /March and NSFA may not know our final field allocations until late March .
Teams wishing to train in February/March can apply to do so and will issued times by the committee if available.
These times are likely to be irregular. 

Teams choosing to train unofficially on Council grounds without  prior club approval may incur a FINE!
Training that is not approved is not covered for Insurance purposes and we risk losing grounds if we are found to be using them without permission.  

Pre-Season Trial matches must first be sanctioned by NSFA.  This includes matches with other NSFA clubs as well as clubs from other Associations.
It does not apply to intra-club matches.  Sanction forms must be lodged by the club Secretary.  

Training within the goal mouth is strictly prohibited throughout the season.

For the Showground in Season 2022 – training timetables will be available mid March – Team Managers should send in prefered training times for Wednesday at the showground – first in with get preferred time