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SIFC Round 6 highlights

Round 6 – Interesting as I started to travel around the grounds that my camera was catching our girls in mixed teams taking centre stage.

On a cold and foggy morning where I didn’t think we would see much football we had Toolang, SIPPS and NTRA Synthetic games in action that i saw.

Parents at SIPPS looked very excited to be in the fog at 9 degrees waiting for the kids to get underway to keep warm.

On Saturday three games at SIPPS where close and hard fort. 2 wins a lose in the three games but two of the games only has a goal difference. Feedback from Parents I have spoken with today that the regrading for this weekend has made the games just that bit more exciting.

On Sunday all three GU10 teams had the opportunity to play at SIPPS (big thank you to SIPPS for allowing us to use their ground) with 3 games and 3 wins. Does make it some much more enjoyable to play close to home.

Our SAP teams have now played 24 games and we are proving to be force in this new competition
Under 8 3W 1D 2L
Under 9 3W 0D 3L
Under 10 4W 1D 1L
Under 11 6W 0D 0L
St Ives winning 66% of games – the program must be working under the highly professional coaching team.

A big thank-you to the parents at Toolang who give up and 1 hour of there time to run the canteen and BBQ. All this money does help to keep our registration costs low each year as we can budget for $10 each player.