Player Placement and Eligibility

To be eligible to be considered for a team players must be registered and have paid their registration fees. Teams nominations are due at NSFA mid February and  teams are based on the number of registrations in our system.

Club policy is to offer positions on a first come first in basis. We do not hold spots open for unregistered players nor do we consider verbal requests to join a team. Priority is to find spots for registered and financial players.

Players registering late will be placed on a wait list for the first available spot.
Team formation remains at the discretion of the Committee.

Players must register in their correct age group. Decisions for players to play up an age group are at the discretion of the committee. If players wish to be considered for a development position in an older age group they must attend the grading sessions for their correct age group as well as for the higher age group.  Decisions to be offered a development position in the higher  age group  will be based on results and the effect on other players in both age groups at the Committees discretion.